About Us

At Nuspire our mission is simple – keep our customers safe from cyber-attacks with best-in-class managed security, so they can focus on managing their business. We’ve been protecting organizations from cyber-attacks for 20 years and pioneered distributed, managed security within the enterprise and franchise market.

Our Culture

At Nuspire we’re driven to continually deliver industry-leading innovation and security services. We operate in an unpredictable, exciting world that’s always changing. That means  career opportunities within the business are always changing, too. We believe in rewarding excellence while providing a unique and exciting business environment that helps you achieve your career aspirations. Our culture focuses on building team cohesion, collaboration and growth through the perfect mix of traditional programs, learning opportunities and unique out-of-the-box experiences.

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Security & Network Operations Analyst

Security & Network Analysts are responsible for the identification, and remediation of security related events. While utilizing the Nuspire proprietary SIEM solution a Security Analyst will review all logs associated with a potential threat to determine the rating of the threat and the possible impact the event can have on the clients network.


Required Experience:

Education/Certifications/Training Preferred:

Work Environment: